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The application form is online and is to be used when you want to apply for a property licence for selective licensing.

The selective licensing designation in Redcar & Cleveland currently affects privately rented homes in the older housing area of South Bank. Should you have any doubt as to whether your property is located in this area, please contact the Housing Team.

Please read these Guidance Notes to ensure that you make the application successfully. You should answer all questions unless directed otherwise. If you do not apply for a licence you could be prosecuted and face unlimited fines.

A separate form must be completed for each property that needs a licence.

Please note: If a relative is living in your property or you are a resident landlord please contact the Housing Team before completing this application.

Documentation Required for Selective Licensing Application Form

Please ensure that you have the following information before you start the application as you are unable to save this document.

Photos or scans of documents are acceptable, providing the relevant information is clear.

Documentation Required for Management/Agent Application Form

Photos or scans of documents are acceptable, providing the relevant information is clear.

Temporary Exemption Notices

If you are in the process of selling your property and it falls within the designated area you can also apply for a temporary exemption notice (TEN). You can only make an application if you are the owner or person in control of the property. A temporary exemption notice lasts for three months.

You can renew for an extra three months in special circumstances. If the property still needs a licence after this period of time, you must apply for a property licence straight away.

Should the licence holder die during the period of the licence, the licence ceases to be in force from the date of death. For 3 months from the date of death the Council will treat the property as if a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN) has been served. This is known as the initial period. At any time during the initial period a formal application for a TEN may be made.

Once the TEN has been applied for it will be valid for a further 3 months and will take effect when the initial period ends.

If you wish to apply for a temporary exemption, please contact the Housing Team.

Grounds for Refusal

Your licence application may be refused for the following reason:


Should your application for a licence be refused, you have the right to appeal the decision. All appeals should be made to the First-Tier tribunal – Property Chamber (Residential Property):

First Floor,
Piccadilly Exchange,
2 Piccadilly Plaza,
M1 4AH.

Tel 0161 2379491.
Fax 01264 785128.

What Happens Once You Have Applied For A Licence?

The Council aim to acknowledge receipt of your application within 10 working days. If you have not received an acknowledgement after this time you should contact the Housing Standards Service.

You should note that a licence is not transferable. Where a property changes ownership the new landlord must make a full application for a licence. A fee will be required from the new applicant.

In most circumstances, a licence will run for 5 years from the date of issue or until the scheme ends.

No refund will be given following receipt of an application.

A licence may not relate to more than one property.

A licence will not be issued until a complete application and the appropriate payment has been received by the Local Authority

All information provided will be treated in confidence and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. It will only be used to process your application.

As part of our duty under the Housing Act 2004 we may have to share and/or check your information with other agencies including the Police, Fire & Rescue Service, Office of Fair Trading, Department of Work and Pensions, other Local Authorities and other relevant departments within this Council, for example, Council Tax and Revenues and Benefits.

No repayment of licence fee will be made for any unexpired period of the licence.

Should you require any further guidance or assistance in completing this form, please contact:

Housing Services
Redcar & Cleveland House
Kirkleatham Street
TS10 1RT

Tel: 01287 612455

To proceed with a new application please click here: New Application

To proceed with a managers' application please click here: Manager Application

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